Crypto Market Dives as Mount Gox Payouts Begin

Crypto Market Tanks Amid Mount Gox Bitcoin Payouts and Privacy Concerns Around Worldcoin

Welcome to CNBC’s Crypto World. I’m Jordan Smith, bringing you the latest in cryptocurrency news. The crypto market took a significant hit over the 4th of July holiday in the US, continuing its downward trend as we close out the week.

Market Overview

Bitcoin tumbled nearly 2.5% by noon Eastern Time, sinking to the \(56,000 level and even hitting its lowest point since late February at \)53,000 before recovering. Ethereum wasn’t spared either, falling 4.6% to dip below the \(3,000 mark. Solana experienced a more modest decline, dropping to \)134.

The broader crypto market shed more than $170 billion in combined market cap over the last 24 hours, according to CoinGecko data. For the week, Bitcoin and Ethereum plunged by more than 6% and 11.2% respectively.

What’s Behind the Drop?

  • Macroeconomic Factors: New jobs data released this morning showed an unexpected rise in the unemployment rate to 4.1% in June, the highest level since October 2021.
  • Mount Gox Payouts: The trust for the Mount Gox bankruptcy estate has started making repayments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash to creditors via several designated crypto exchanges. While the trustee did not specify the amount transferred, the impact was felt market-wide.

Tools for Humanity and the Privacy Debate

The crypto world is abuzz with more than just market fluctuations. Tools for Humanity, the parent company behind the controversial Worldcoin project, announced four new executive hires this week. Among them is Damen Kieran, the first-ever Chief Privacy Officer (CPO).

Interview with Damen Kieran

Crypto World’s Talia Kaplan spoke with Kieran about his new role and the privacy issues surrounding Worldcoin’s eyeball-scanning devices. Here are the key takeaways from the conversation:

Objectives as Chief Privacy Officer

Kieran outlined two primary goals:

  1. Internal Compliance: Ensuring the company complies with global privacy and data protection laws, establishing a robust program to facilitate this.
  2. External Communication: Amplifying the company’s existing efforts in privacy and security to regulators and consumers, making the great internal work more transparent and understandable.

Background and Motivation

Kieran brings an impressive background to Tools for Humanity, having served as General Counsel for the photo-sharing app BeReal and as Twitter’s first Chief Privacy Officer. His motivation? Tackling problems at the intersection of technology, law, and regulation. Kieran is particularly excited about addressing the challenge of distinguishing between bots and humans online as AI continues to evolve.

“We live in a world where it is incredibly difficult to tell the difference between a bot or a human online, and that’s only getting worse. Worldcoin and Tools for Humanity offer a solution to this increasingly significant problem,” said Kieran.

Privacy Concerns

Despite the ambitious goals, Worldcoin has faced significant privacy concerns. In May, Hong Kong regulators directed Worldcoin to cease operations, citing risks to privacy and personal data. The directive also included stopping the scanning and collection of iris images using its devices.

Looking Ahead

The crypto market’s volatile nature combined with the ongoing privacy debates presents both challenges and opportunities. As Tools for Humanity continues its mission, the role of regulatory compliance and transparent communication will be critical in gaining consumer trust and navigating the complex landscape of digital privacy.

Stay tuned to CNBC’s Crypto World for more updates and in-depth analysis.


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