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Welcome to Galaxy Brains: Infinite Insights on Crypto and Markets

Welcome to Galaxy Brains, your go-to podcast for all things crypto, finance, and technological innovation. I’m your host, Alex Thorne, Head of Firmwide Research at Galaxy Bitcoin. Today, we delve into the latest market movements, Bitcoin’s new all-time high, and the intricate dynamics of institutional crypto adoption.

Key Highlights

  • US Banking System: Sound and resilient.
  • Bitcoin: Achieves a new all-time high.
  • Crypto Markets: Institutionalization and maturation.
  • Presidential Elections: Potential market impacts.

Market Insights with Bimnet Abibi

We kick off today’s episode with Bimnet Abibi from Galaxy Trading, providing an in-depth analysis of recent market data and trends.

Economic Data and Market Reactions

  • ISM Services Index: Dropped dramatically to contraction territory (47 handle).

    • Historical Context: Only the third time in 27 years, previously during the tech bubble (2001), Great Financial Crisis (2008-2009), and COVID-19 pandemic (2020).
    • Impact: Indicates a slowing economy, influencing fixed income and dollar markets. Bond yields rallied, and the dollar weakened.
  • Inflation and Employment:

    • CPI and PCE: Inflation indicators showing signs of cooling.
    • Labor Market: Initial jobless claims and ADP in line. ISM Services employment component remains strong (56 handle).

Crypto Market Dynamics

  • Current Trends:

    • Selling Flow: Significant selling activity noted, including German government and alt token supply.
    • Supply vs. Demand: More sellers than buyers, leading to downward pressure on prices.
    • ETFs: Potential supply unlocks and net outflows from ETF products.
  • Equities vs. Crypto:

    • Equities: Tech stocks benefiting from consistent earnings beats and buybacks.
    • Crypto: Viewed as “magic internet money” by some, facing supply challenges.

Presidential Election Market Impacts

  • Speculation on Biden’s Nomination:
    • Prediction Markets: Kamala Harris trading at 50% likelihood versus Joe Biden’s 31%.
    • Trump Trade:
      • Curve Steepener: Lower rates, spending, tariff wars, labor supply.
      • Equity Market: Historically indifferent to the president, but crypto markets may benefit from more favorable regulation under Trump.

Guest Segment: Jason Urban

Jason Urban, Head of Galaxy Trading, joins us to discuss the evolution and current state of Bitcoin and crypto markets.

Bitcoin’s Role in Market Dynamics

  • Flight to Safety: Bitcoin’s rise during banking crises, viewed as a safe haven.
  • Institutional Interest:
    • ETFs: Significant interest post-BlackRock filing.
    • Market Activity: Increased institutional and mature interest in the first quarter of the year.

Future Outlook

  • Election Cycle: Anticipated impact on market activity.
  • Crypto vs. Traditional Markets: Crypto becoming a political issue and potential regulatory shifts.

Tokenization and Real-World Assets

  • Innovative Projects: Tokenizing assets like Stratovarius violins and fleets of rail cars.
  • Utility: Real-world applications in maintenance, ownership tracking, and unlocking dormant asset value.


As we wrap up this episode, it’s evident that the crypto and financial markets are in a state of dynamic evolution, influenced by economic indicators, institutional actions, and political landscapes. The maturation and institutionalization of crypto continue to unfold, offering new opportunities and challenges.

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Disclaimer: None of the information in this podcast constitutes investment advice or a solicitation by Galaxy Digital or its affiliates to buy or sell any securities. Please refer to the link to the disclaimer in the podcast notes.


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