VCs vs. Retail Investors: Who Controls Crypto?

Ah, the age-old battle: Venture Capitalists versus Retail Investors. It’s a topic that has plagued the cryptocurrency space since its inception. I just reviewed this Bankless podcast, and, folks, it’s a doozy. They’ve got Regan Bozman, a crypto writer and VC, to unpack this very complicated, nuanced dynamic.

Crypto: In an Identity Crisis?

Bozman argues that crypto is grappling with an identity crisis, caught between its decentralized, cypherpunk roots and the influx of institutional money. He suggests that memecoins, with their irreverent, community-driven ethos, represent a direct rebellion against VC dominance.

Airdrops: Broken?

Bozman also takes aim at the current state of airdrops, claiming they’re broken. He argues that many airdrops prioritize hype over fundamental value and serve as little more than marketing ploys. This practice, he believes, further disenfranchises retail investors who struggle to keep pace with the sophisticated strategies employed by VCs.


This podcast does a stellar job of tackling this contentious issue. They don’t shy away from the complexity and even manage to offer some potential solutions. Bozman suggests a shift toward a more “attention economy” where fundamental value is intrinsically linked to community engagement. It’s an interesting concept that could empower retail investors by giving them a more active role in shaping the future of crypto.

While I don’t entirely agree with all of Bozman’s assertions, I think he raises some valid concerns about the current power dynamics in the crypto space.


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