US Dollar Collapse? Lyn Alden's Survival Guide

That was a fascinating exploration of the macroeconomic concept of fiscal dominance. This video, published by Bankless, centers around an interview with macroeconomist and market strategist Lyn Alden.

Fiscal Dominance

Essentially, Alden posits that we’re witnessing a global transition from a monetary dominance regime to one of fiscal dominance. Traditionally, central banks, like the U.S. Federal Reserve, wielded significant influence over economic conditions by manipulating interest rates and managing the money supply. This is the era of monetary dominance.

However, Alden argues that the enormous accumulation of government debt across the world, coupled with the unorthodox monetary policies employed during the recent economic turbulence, have shifted the balance of power. Now, governments are essentially driving monetary policy through their fiscal actions - spending programs and debt issuance. Central banks are forced to accommodate these actions to avoid a debt crisis. That’s fiscal dominance.

Winners and Losers

Alden’s analysis goes on to pinpoint potential winners and losers in this new economic landscape.

  • Winners: Holders of real assets (like real estate, commodities, and precious metals) and perhaps certain segments of the cryptocurrency market.
  • Losers: Savers and holders of fixed-income assets (like bonds), whose value is eroded by inflation.

The interview also delves into the possibility of capital controls, which governments might implement to mitigate the detrimental effects of fiscal dominance. This is a critical point, as it could have a profound impact on the freedom of movement of capital and the ability of individuals to safeguard their wealth.

Preparing for Fiscal Dominance

Alden doesn’t shy away from providing advice on how individuals can position themselves for the challenges of fiscal dominance. She advocates for diversifying investments, holding real assets, and understanding the potential implications of capital controls.

The interview is a deep dive into the evolving macroeconomic landscape and its potential implications for investors and citizens alike. Alden’s articulation of the fiscal dominance thesis, the potential winners and losers, and the preparatory steps individuals can take, make this video a valuable resource for anyone seeking to navigate the complex and unpredictable economic environment we face.


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