Figma AI: Design Faster & Smarter

Ah, artificial intelligence. It’s the tech topic du jour, inspiring both breathless hype and apocalyptic warnings in equal measure. But amidst all the noise, it’s easy to lose sight of something important: AI is a tool. And like any tool, its impact depends entirely on how we choose to use it.

In the world of design, that means AI has the potential to be incredibly powerful. Imagine software that can anticipate your needs, automate tedious tasks, and even help you generate fresh ideas. That’s the promise of Figma AI—a suite of intelligent features designed to empower your creativity and streamline your workflow.

Your Creativity, Unblocked with Figma AI

Figma AI is all about removing the mundane roadblocks that can sap your creative energy. No more wrestling with repetitive actions or hunting for the right asset. Instead, you can focus on the truly rewarding parts of design: crafting beautiful interfaces, solving complex problems, and bringing your unique vision to life.

You’re in Good Company

  • Elgato
  • ServiceNow
  • One Signal
  • H&R Block

Go from First Draft to Final Product, Faster

Figma AI isn’t about replacing designers. It’s about augmenting our abilities and making us more efficient. Think of it as a turbocharger for your creativity.

Get a Jumpstart with AI

  • Need to find inspiration for a specific design element? Use visual search to find related work within your team’s files, instantly. Just upload an image and let Figma AI do the heavy lifting.
  • Want to explore different layout options without starting from scratch? Figma AI can help you generate UI mockups in seconds, giving you a solid foundation to build upon.

“The power to generate first drafts fast got my creativity going, sped up my workflow, and freed my mind to dream up unique ideas.” - Kat Temple, Senior Product Designer, ServiceNow

Let AI Sweat the Details

  • Tired of manually naming layers? Figma AI can automatically rename them based on context, ensuring your files stay organized and easy to navigate.
  • Struggling to write compelling copy? Use Figma AI to generate and rewrite text directly within your designs, experimenting with different lengths, tones, and even languages.

Prototype in a Click

  • Want to bring your static designs to life? Figma AI can instantly create interactive prototypes with the click of a button, saving you countless hours of painstakingly connecting screens and transitions.

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Ultimately, the true power of AI in design lies not in its ability to replace us, but in its ability to free us. By automating the tedious and amplifying our creative potential, Figma AI allows us to do what we do best: design incredible experiences that make a real difference in the world.


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