AI Startups Take Center Stage’s LA31 Demo Day Recap: A New Wave of Innovation

The energy was palpable at’s recent LA31 Demo Day, where eight companies from diverse sectors pitched their innovative solutions to a panel of seasoned investors and a virtual audience. From AI-powered encyclopedias to automated e-commerce growth engines, these startups demonstrated the transformative power of technology across various industries. Let’s dive into the highlights of this exciting event:

UD Venture: Investing in Leaders

Kicking off the investor introductions was Claire from UD Venture, a SEC value-based Venture Capital firm with offices in Canada and Germany. Emphasizing their straightforward investment thesis, Claire highlighted their focus on backing exceptional leaders driving US and EU software companies. With initial check sizes of up to $500,000 and a commitment to follow-on investments, UD Venture actively seeks co-investment opportunities and leverages its network to connect portfolio companies with leading Series A investors.

Chloe Capital: Building an Inclusive Ecosystem

Alisa Miller, Managing Partner at Chloe Capital, articulated their mission-driven approach. Investing at the seed stage, Chloe Capital prioritizes companies in climate, workforce, and health sectors. With an average check size ranging from \(250,000 to \)500,000, they actively support portfolio companies across the US.

A Diverse Panel of Investors

Further enriching the investor landscape were representatives from:

  • Surface Ventures: Led by Guon, the fund focuses on pre-seed and seed stage investments, primarily in B2B software, with check sizes ranging from \(250,000 to \)2 million.

  • Coastal Ventures: Represented by John Chu, the firm distinguishes itself as a generalist early-stage investor with varying check sizes. Their portfolio spans diverse sectors, including Consumer, Enterprise, Biotech/Healthcare, and CenTech.

  • Nexus Fund: With Os at the helm, the fund focuses on Seed and Series A investments, primarily in B2B software, writing checks between \(500,000 to \)5 million.

Recall: Your AI Encyclopedia

Stealing the show and capturing the top spot was Recall, an AI-powered encyclopedia spearheaded by founder Sun.

  • Imagine This: A world where you can effortlessly consume, retain, and recall vast amounts of information without sacrificing precious time. That’s the promise of Recall. The platform leverages AI to summarize articles, extract keywords, and create a personalized knowledge base, effectively addressing the content overload experienced by many professionals.

  • Key Differentiator: Recall’s secret weapon is its automatic knowledge graph, a feature that sets it apart from competitors like Rome and Obsidian, which rely on manual knowledge graph creation. This graph dynamically connects related content, revealing insights and fostering deeper understanding.

  • Beyond Personal Knowledge Management: Recall is poised to disrupt the enterprise space with plans to introduce features like multiplayer mode, shared workspaces, and a B2B-focused knowledge graph, addressing the growing demand for collaborative learning and knowledge sharing within organizations.

Other Notable Startups

While Recall claimed the victory, other startups presented compelling solutions:

  • Saga: Targeting aspiring filmmakers, Saga offers AI-powered tools to streamline the creative process, from scriptwriting and storyboarding to video generation. This platform democratizes filmmaking, making it accessible to a wider audience.

  • The Rave: Addressing the need for cost-effective customer acquisition, The Rave presents itself as the “referral and rewards operating system for all of Commerce.” By incentivizing customer referrals and automating reward disbursements, The Rave helps e-commerce brands unlock the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

  • 1010: Aimed at empowering tech creators, 1010 provides a platform for developers to host, distribute, and monetize their software projects, fostering a thriving community around technical content.

  • Flight: Simplifying the event management process, Flight offers a comprehensive platform for hosts to manage ticketing, marketing, payments, and team communication, streamlining operations and maximizing event success.

  • Primar AI: Targeting e-commerce businesses, Primar AI helps optimize websites for conversions through automated A/B testing and AI-powered landing page generation, eliminating the need for manual optimization and design expertise.

  • Marvel: Streamlining the sales process for B2B companies, Marvel leverages AI to generate personalized sales materials, including call preparation documents and customer presentations, improving sales efficiency and enhancing buyer interactions.

  • Waffley: Envisioning a future where search is reliable and domain-specific, Waffley empowers users to create and query their own datasets, offering a curated alternative to traditional search engines like Google.

A Bright Future for LA31 Graduates’s LA31 Demo Day showcased a new generation of entrepreneurs leveraging technology to address real-world problems. The event highlighted not only the ingenuity of these startups but also the collaborative spirit of the ecosystem, where investors, mentors, and founders come together to drive innovation. With continued support, these companies are well-positioned to scale their businesses and make a lasting impact on their respective industries.


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