Dougs: The Self-Funded Accounting Startup's Journey to a $27 Million Funding Success

Dougs: A Bootstrapped Success Story

Picture this: An accounting startup, Dougs, operating since 2015, has been self-funded, self-reliant, and profitable, weathering the storm of the startup world with admirable tenacity. This French firm has managed to rake in an annual recurring revenue of $16.4 million, all without opening its doors to external funding. Now, however, they've taken a new turn and raised their first external funding round, a whopping $27 million from Expedition Growth Capital.

The Journey of Dougs

Dougs started its journey as a bootstrapped company, meaning it did not rely on external capital infusions from VC firms. Instead, they pooled their resources, optimized their operations, and focused on sustainable, organic growth. The idea was to build a robust, self-sustaining business model that didn't need to rely on incessant rounds of funding to keep the wheels turning.

Fun Fact: Bootstrapping is considered a tough path for startups, but it can lead to greater control over the business and more significant long-term benefits.

Over the years, Dougs has built an impressive client base of 14,000 and has stayed profitable, which is a commendable feat for a bootstrapped company in the cutthroat startup ecosystem.

Dougs: A Profitable Online Chartered Accountant Service

Dougs isn't just any accounting startup; it's an online chartered accountant service catering specifically to small and medium-sized companies. This market positioning has allowed Dougs to tap into a niche audience, providing them with a much-needed service, thereby enabling the startup to maintain profitability.

Did you know? The global online accounting software market is expected to reach $11.8 billion by 2026.

Dougs Raises $27 Million in Funding

Dougs recently decided to open its doors to external funding and raised a substantial $27 million from Expedition Growth Capital. This British VC firm specializes in investing in bootstrapped companies that have reached a certain level of maturity, and Dougs fits the bill perfectly.

Trivia: Expedition Growth Capital invests in bootstrapped companies that have reached a certain level of maturity, making them a perfect fit for Dougs' first funding round.

This funding marks a new chapter in Dougs' growth story, one where it can leverage this fresh capital to accelerate its growth, expand its offerings, and potentially venture into new markets.

Looking Ahead

Dougs' journey from a bootstrapped startup to raising $27 million is a testament to the power of sustainable growth and the importance of a robust business model. It also highlights how startups can thrive without external funding, provided they have a clear vision, a strong product-market fit, and efficient operations.

As they embark on this new journey post-funding, it will be exciting to see how Dougs uses this capital to further its mission and continue its growth story in the world of online accounting services.


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