Unlocking the Power of Chat GPT: 9 Innovative Ways to Boost Your Workflows and Daily Tasks

Daniel Aharonoff: The Unconventional Ways I Use Chat GPT

Many of you know that Chat GPT can be used for writing articles, emails, and tweets, but have you ever thought about the unconventional ways it can extend its usefulness? As a tech investor and entrepreneur, I use AI tools like Chat GPT and GPT-4 daily, and they have become indispensable in my work. In this article, I will share some lesser-known ways I use Chat GPT to improve my workflows and daily tasks.

1. Use Chat GPT as an Editor

I write my newsletters and blog posts myself, but I like to let Chat GPT proofread and fix my grammar, spelling, and readability. This ensures my content is polished and professional.

2. Summarize Articles

Chat GPT can quickly summarize articles into bullet points, saving me time and making it easier to digest the main ideas and important elements.

3. Evaluate Pros and Cons of Products

By pasting a product's sales copy into Chat GPT, it can help me weigh the pros and cons of using that software. This helps me make more informed decisions.

4. Generate Prompts for Mid-Journey and Stable Diffusion

Chat GPT can be trained to create unique and creative prompts for AI-generated art like Mid-Journey and Stable Diffusion, resulting in amazing images.

5. Get Business Advice

By explaining my business to Chat GPT, it can provide valuable advice on how to improve, differentiate, and build a competitive advantage.

6. Come up with YouTube Video Titles

Chat GPT can analyze my most popular YouTube videos and suggest new video titles that are likely to perform well.

7. Create Ideas for Thumbnails

By inputting a chosen title, Chat GPT can describe different concepts for attention-grabbing and slightly clickbaity YouTube thumbnails.

8. Build a Website

Chat GPT can generate code to create an entire HTML website with inline CSS, based on my specific requirements.

9. Debug and Fix Existing Websites

By providing Chat GPT with the code for an existing website, it can help me debug and fix issues, improving the overall design and user experience.

These are just a few of the countless ways Chat GPT can be used to improve various aspects of your work and life. By experimenting and exploring, you'll likely find even more ways to leverage this powerful AI tool in your daily routine.


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